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Doodle God

doodlegodDoodle God game is the master of logic and ingenuity! It’s an addictive puzzle and world building arena that many gamers will find quite fascinating and equally challenging. You must create the entire universe, awesome, right! Not so quick, do you have what it takes? Beginning with the basic elements earth, fire, wind, stars, and water, Doodle God players can build an entire universe of their own full of aliens, skyscrapers, dragons, mountains, dinosaurs, locomotives, oceans, and many other things that their hearts crave for. Doodle God comes in a unique number of modes that players will enjoy. In planet mode for instance, you will discover an intriguing way of developing a universe of your own. You will be able to create different elements and use new combinations to set the world in motion. Life will form and other world elements will sweep through to leave you with the perfect universe you’ve ever dreamed of. Looks easy? I don’t think so! With great power comes responsibility and this unique twist is what makes the game irresistible. You will need to watch out for natural calamities such as zombie plagues, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and floods. Ideally you will have to protect your world. Each time you do this and successfully create a new item you’ll be rewarded with wit and wisdom. And guess by whom? Some of the greatest thinkers, comedians, and philosophers who ever lived. The game also comes in with a Tournament mode that allows you to challenge your pals online for a head to head duel. It’s awesome it’s amazing and it’s time for you to release the god in you! In conclusion we can say that Doodle God comes in a number of enjoyable sequels with numerous levels that players can unlock as they play on. It also comes with a number of hints that players can choose from to unlock the most challenging parts of the game. This game is the rarest thing with a unique genre.

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